Who I Am

My name is Alexander Bernson and I have a tendency to wear a pencil behind my ear. Its become a part of me really. Whenever I need to write or sketch something I instinctively reach for my ear even when there isn’t anything behind it and yes, I do occasionally get weird looks.


Aside from my pencil placing hobby, I enjoy designing, editing, and filming anything under the sun. I am currently pursuing a BFA in Advertising at The Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. Just two short years from now I plan on working as an art director at a large ad agency.


Until then, Bernson Media is my way of honing my craft and cramming as much work as I can into my portfolio. I have many skills that span the breadth of digital media. Most of my expertise is in graphic design and video production. However, I also have experience in photography and retouching. Just recently I’ve also taken up web design and 3D modeling. I’m an active learner and I plan on learning even more as time progresses.


If there is something that I can make for you please feel free to shoot me an email at bernsonmedia@gmail.com or connect with me on social media.

What I Can Do

Graphic Design

Video Production


Restoration and Retouching

Web Design

Motion media

3D modeling

What I've Done

Get in Touch with me at bernsonmedia@gmail.com